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MF260Q a/c station

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MF260Q a/c station


  • MF260Q a/c station technical data
  • 1Hp Rotary type compressor
  • Power: 100 VAC or 220 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Power Input(+5%↓) :1,338watts
  • Running Current: 6.5A
  • Locked Rotor Ampere : 31A(at 230V)
  • Sound Level dB(A): 67 Max. Vibration Standard Condition
  • (Gal):1,800Max
  • Scale Resolution: 1/200 lb (0.01 kg)
  • Displacement: 13.4cm3/rev.(R410A) 9.40cm3(R134a & R1234yf)
  • Recovery Method : vapour, Vapour / liquid


  • Acid : less than 1.0 ppm
  • Moisture : less than 10 ppm
    Purity setting point more than 98%
  • Operating Limit: Discharge Pressure- 42Max(kgf/cm3) Suction Pressure- 4.0~12.0(kgf/cm3)
    Discharge Temp- 239°F Max (115°C Max)
  • Operating Temp Range: 60 to 113°F (15 to 45°C)
  • Oil Flushing Time : +/- 45minutes. Forward / backward full auto process
  • Tilt in Operation: The allowable tilt of the compressor in operation shall be 5° or less.
  • Refrigerant Recharge : Weight precise +/- 10g. Weight range 0~16kgs.
    Recharge function under Low side pressure.
  • Oil Charge Operation Method :When press Oil Charge button, oil begin to introduce through low-side into compressor while vacuum pump keep vacuuming the a/c system through high side pressure port.


  • High pressure cut out : The machine will stop automatically when the pressure in the machine or cylinder reaches the pressure set or the cylinder reaches the pressure set or as soon as refrigerant container full.

  • Low pressure cut out : Absolute pressure-less than 0.09Mpa