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MF 200C

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MF200C total solution for a/c troubleshooting


This system includes all the functions you need to clean debris and remove oil from most mobile A/C units. It is pre-programmed to start all functions automatically to reduce service time. 


Oil captured during refrigerant recycling automatically drains into an oil cylinder. The sight glass displays
the exact amount of captured oil-no more manual draining after every a/c service. You'll save valuable


The Flushing procedure is carried out in a Closed Loop Configuration . Close Loop Flushing with liquid
refrigerant is a quick, effective method of flushing , which does not introduce any foreign chemicals to the
system that may lead to further problems.  The flushing process can be improved by the introduction of 
an oil-based agent.
Flushing mode helps to remove all oil and debris from the A/C. Flushing mode helps to remove oil and
debris from the A/C. Pressurize and recycle repeatedly with it's compressor and flush oil all the system.
Designed to work with recovered refrigerant. Make out the clog of the condenser, evaporator, compressor
and expansion valve. Flush unit is simple to use and will hold up through many flush procedures.


No need other flushing agent


Isolation compressor is installed and its pre-program processing function implements all the flushing
process automatically to cut down service time

  • Compatible with R134a 
  • Reduces comebacks
  • Increases customer satisfaction
  • Non-flammable
  • Easy to use 
  • Leaves no residue.
  • Eliminate moisture and air
  • Refresh refrigerant
  • Increase mileage
  • Uses recovery gas for flushing
  • Safe for compressor and o-rings
  • Temperature improved 35 °F~43 °F (2 °C~5 °C)



Separate switches for each function keep the equipment operator in control. the Magicfold gauge indicates the pressure/temperature and general trouble of the system and routine service can be accomplished very quickly (Refer to our Magicfold gauge detailed instruction)

   ALPHAplus SOLUTION AIRMAX and Oil Charge for air-conditioning systems that helps to create an improved, cooler environment. The oil bonds to the metal inside the system and removes the build up of oil and forms a conductive layer for better heat transfer of the refrigerant. 
Compressor manufacturers agree: Debris and excess or the wrong type of refrigerant oil can damage compressors. When you flush out debris and oil, you guarantee the system is clean of contaminants; you are in control of the type andamount of oil going back into the vehicle. Whether you're replacing A/C components or retrofitting from R12 to R134a, flushing by MF200C is a must.


· Recover, Recycle, Evacuate, Recharge and Oil Flush
· Onboard Magicfold gauge for gas Recharging and showing general trouble of the system.
· Application refrigerant : HFC-R134a

•Filter : SPORLAN(Catch-All-Block core type moisture, dust etc)
· Recover Rate : 0.3kg/min.   Recycle Rate : 0.4kg/min
· Power : 240 V. 60 cycle(110~120 V. 50 or 60 cycle available)
· 50lbs  rechargeable recovery tank and electronic scale-resolution 1/200lb(0.01kg)
· ALPHAplus Original Quick Disconnecting Couplers
· 2.5m charging hoses

Compressor : 220V/110V 3.0A(ACC/3600BTU) 
· 6cfm Vacuum pump. 
· Operation temperature: 680~1130F(200~450C)

•Case : High impact ABS plastic wood & steel structure 
· Dimensions: H41" x W20" x D28" Inches (H105 x W50 x D70 cm)
· Weights: 176lb(80kg)

▶ Result of flushing by MF200